Sunday, April 6, 2008

Portrait Session With Alyssia

Working with Alyssia proved to be much fun, she being good natured and full of life. Yes, besides being stunningly beautiful. With Charlene on the make-up and Howie on the reflector, we shot a few rounds, until UWI's Finest (Campus Security Guards) came and issued a 'ceased and desist' order, as we did not have permission to be shooting on campus. Hmm... It was a good day anyway, and Charlene, Howie & Alyssia did well... as expected.

Shot with my Nikon D200 camera, and interchanging the Nikon 80 - 200mm and Nikon 24 - 85mm lenses for varying focal lengths and compositions, we used a range of aperture and shutter speed, but a constant ISO200