Monday, April 27, 2009

HQ Photoshoot...

I featured HQ sometime ago on my blog with a music video I had edited for them. Today we went to a set of ruins of Fort Rupert, Port Royal, for a photo shoot. It was pretty much impromptu but I think we did ok. We are planning a second round, this time with wardrobe and make-up...

D.Go was my PA on this shoot and was really creative in setting up the shots, as well as shooting some of them. All lights were Pocket Wizard triggered, and using the Nikon D300 with an 18-55mm lens

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Vivacious Marshalee, Round II

Marshalee, as beautiful as ever. This is the second shoot with Marshalee and again we totally had fun doing it. She doesn't smile much but when she does, its simply beautiful and captivating. We hijacked Kwame's apartment this times to use as studio. Thanks Kwame!

I used my Nikon D300, with 24 - 85mm lens, and CLS to trigger 3 Speedlights, the main one shot through a white umbrella . Hair and make-up by Sophie Young of Beau Cheveux Salon

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