Monday, October 1, 2007

35... and counting.

I made 35 just a few months ago, May 31 to be exact. Its seems like only yesterday I was 16... the images are still vivid. Now I sit here contemplating whats my next move and coming up blank. At 35 I still feel so very unaccomplished. My wife and my friends say am crazy as I am a 35yo Advertising Executive/Digital Media Producer. Bah! Whatever.

In retrospect, I think I have made some mistakes, nothing I would call life changing... Just perhaps things could have been done differently, that would have yielded a different result. Foreg:Sample I guess is my best accomplishment to date, and even that comes with its never ending amount of headaches and stress. Many times I feel to "lock shop", to go home and scratch my ass, hahah, but in the larger scale of things, I guess I am blessed. Not many people have the good fortune of having a marketable skill, especially in the frustrating economic times. So indeed I should stop and count my blessings.

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