Monday, October 8, 2007

Puff, Puff... Pass.

In my opinion, Jamaican inner cities (aka Ghettos) seem like little worlds all to themselves. The people seem to live by a set of unsaid rules, and a perceived freedom to operate differently from constitutional guidelines.

Rastafarians in these communities take it to the next level, with their philosophical and religious bantering. We sat beneath a 'coolie plum' tree by the side of the dirt road and as they passed the chalice in the circle, I quietly (as I could) shot a few rounds. I didn't want to cause them to break from their religious hard talk. Maybe one day I'll get to sit with the area don... Just maybe.

Tech Info: June 25, 2006. Nikon D50, RAW, Tamron 18 - 200mm lens @ 45mm, -0.7 Exposure Bias, ISO200, shutter 1/100, f/5.3. Crop, colour, exposure & contrast adjusted in Photoshop CS2. I added grains to the final image for effect, which you may not be able to see here.

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