Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Babies Are A Blessing...

All my friends having babies, and they make me feel am getting over the hill. I was in Philadelphia this past weekend and met 2 new bundles of joy, or sometimes pain in the butt when they cry cry cry and you just dont know why... exasperating! LOLOL. Ok they are beautiful tho. I love 'em!! They are off-springs of Nicole, and Jerry & Suzanne

Ellisa Nicole Viola Sadler, at 5 mths, taken by me

Juliana Rose Clayton, at 7 wks, taken by her big sister, Jo-Anna, who I must say is a natural! At 9 1/2 yo, she handled my Nikon D200 like a pro, even tho it was way big & heavy for her, with the battery pack and SB800 Flash! I surprised myself to let her even touch it, but I had a good feeling. And she did well. You go, Jo-jo!!


Terry Ann said...

Ohmigosh they're both sooooooooooooooooo cute

Anonymous said...

Your talent is out of this world!!! It contnues to even get better and better!!!
Thanks for allowing Jo-Jo to handle your most precious equipment to capture our newest little flower J. Rose. Your trust and artistic advise sparked a fire in Jo-Jo that may grow to something you would be proud of. It was great seeing you again.

Continue to use your gift to capture moments that words could never express!!!

Your most ardent admirer