Sunday, November 11, 2007

Simply Beautiful.

I first saw her at a wedding rehearsal where she was a bridesmaid. It was difficult to ignore her. Her aura was compelling, her gait was graceful. She is one such person you notice when she steps into a room. And today I had the pleasure of immortalizing her with my camera. Am sure you will agree that Stacey is ... simply beautiful. I was assisted by Naphtale who was responsible for lighting and Charlene with make-up. They did a great job and we all had a really good time. All images were shot RAW with my Nikon D200, using the Nikon 24 - 85mm f/2.8 lens. The contrast & saturation were edited with Aperture.


Teka-Ann S. Haynes said...

She's beautiful and ur work is beautiful. Hats off to the Make-up Artiste.

crhule said...

wow... she has very striking features but soft and gentle expressions. Nice work man

Anonymous said...

Number 8 is my favorite one. I love the perspective of the picture. T