Friday, September 26, 2008


 Yesterday I got a call to take some aerial photos of landfills across the island (Jamaica). I have never done aerial shots before so naturally I was all excited. So today we arrived at JDF Air Wing at 10am, got the safety briefing, donned our head sets and boarded the helicopter. I was really hoping for an 'open-door' experience as I figured this would give me more flexibility to shoot from better angles, even almost vertical, and not be hampered by the windows. Lift off was shaky, I guess that's what it is normally like but this was also my first time in a helicopter.

We flew to Mobay's land fill first, did some rotations while I shot from all 360˚. On the way back we did Moneague and Riverton. I got sick though after the rotations at Mobay. I really got cold but sweaty and my stomach felt queezy. I think I was experiencing the effects of vertigo. Deep long breaths and good thoughts helped me to settle. All in all it was a great ride. A whole 1hr and 45mins.

Below are some of the other shots I took of our beautiful island, just incase I never get to do this again. Shot with Nikon D300, with a 24 - 85mm lens, ISO400 in RAW. The inset photo was taken with a my phone by one of the passengers.


Anonymous said...

Nice... yuh can call me the next you going.


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Georgeous Shots...Ja is really pretty..

Anonymous said...

gorgeous love the one with the birds.

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