Monday, October 6, 2008

Honk Kong... Surreal

Stef and I landed in Hong Kong 5:30 am Saturday. The flight was way too long... 14 hours. I slept and watched 4 movies in between, and walked the length of the plane on either aisle. On the ground, Customs and Immigration Departments were easy so we were out of the airport by 6am. We had a connecting flight at 3pm so we decided to make use of the day. By the way, the overall flight time to Bangkok is 22hrs for us, with several stops. LA - Hong Kong was the longest.

Hong Kong was pretty glum, and smog covered the place. It took a while for the sun to break thru, then it was also overcast. A pretty dull morning. We walked around much and had breakfast at a coffee shop on Victoria Harbour

Then we took a tram up a very steep hill to the Tower which had a great view of Hong Kong.


Sharifa said...


Le`Ville said...

very nice mi ute,hmm although there is something very uncanny about the picture with you 2...but all I can say is nice really nice

Anonymous said...

gorgeous despite the fog. i kinda jealous... when u all coming to take pics here. Anya

LWJ said...

breathtaking! love the pic with the both of you as well. Thanks for sharing these wonderful shots of your journey.