Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Finally Got Out

Friday I went to Nikon Thailand, and got my D200 rewrapped as the rubber on the grip was lifting. Then I visited a 5-storey mall called MBK. It was a ZOO! The shops were no bigger than 8' x 8' and the mall floors were really long so there were so many stores crammed on each floor, in about 4 rows with 2 aisles. It was like an upscale market! And they were selling EVERYTHING! Trust me, you name it, it was there, even bikes and cars and a real estate dealers. That was floors 1 - 3. Floors 4 & 5 were way better as they housed established companies like Canon, a contemporary furniture store, Sony, an Apple retailer... really nice offices.

The photo of the lady in the plaza is the Queen of Thailand. Photos are EVERYWHERE of the Kings & Queen, they are almost like a deity. The present King, Rama IX is also one of the richest men in the world and has been ruling Thailand for 62 years to date. He became King at 19 years old.

There are also lots of stuff to eat along any roadway, but I dont think I would venture there. The bottom photo shows a fellow cooking on the road side... go figure!

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