Monday, October 20, 2008

Last Night In Bangkok..

So the stay in Bangkok was a bit too long for me. The sites were great but a week would have been enough. Its a lovely place but there are too much you have to contend with all at once... the language barrier bieng the first.

So I say goodbye to Thailand with a few parting night shots. Most of the interesting places I could reach were close, unfortunately.

The Royal Palace. The Guards wouldn't let me in any further inside the main gate. I used a small aperture opening so the lights flared, and a slow shutter with the camera on tripod, for both photos.

There is no way you can go to an Aisian country like this and not ride a Tuk Tuk. They are taxis that are primarily bikes with covering. Its an adventure, I kid you not!! A hand held shot while we sped along.

King Rama VII Bridge

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Gayle Cunningham said...

these are awesome well they are all awesome. I am now totally jealous of your skill and your experience.