Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Adjusting in Aperture

I read Scott Kelby's blog post about the "Dave Hill" look using a plugin inside Photoshop (click here). Dave Hill takes the more tedious approach of masking, blending, contrast and sharpening. I will at some point try that as it works with somethings. I shot HQ some weeks ago and did some contrast and sharpening to the photo in Aperture 2.1, and Julian Dadag made reference to Dave Hill then, even tho I didn't know who that was at the time. Thanks for enlightening me Julian!

The photos below are pretty much showing the original photo, and the position of the sliders in Aperture 2. I am a beginner to Lightroom 2 and I am intrigued by the tutorial book by Scott Kelby. I am sure I can achieve great effects in both programs. Anyway tell me what you think... Remember you can click the photos to enlarge for better viewing.

The Original

The Adjustments

The Aperture Adjusted

These images were adjusted in Photoshop CS3 using Topaz Adjust v3 Plug-in. Tell me what you think. you can click the images for larger views...

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1 comment:

wrerm said...

The adjustments surely made the pics pop. I love them...as usual your pics look great.