Monday, October 19, 2009

The Evening Mail...

This evening the car battery died because I left the light and heater on pretty much all day. It was 3˚C this morning, and there was a thin layer of ice covering almost everything. Anyway I got a jump start, but was afraid to turn the car off until I was sure the battery regained some 'juice'. So I picked up Stef and we went out to the country. The Sun was setting and the Fall colors were rich. We drove for a while, stopping a few times to shoot a few rounds and I found this mailbox in the middle of nowhere. I used Dré's brand new Sigma 24 - 70mm f/2.8, coupled with a Circular Polarizer, and a ND Filter. Photoshop CS3 was used for the effects. I thought it was an interesting deviation from normal photography.
Ok so I did put one in. Shot with the same lens on my D300, I used my SB-800 speedlight off camera, rear curtain, triggered by CLS to light the mailbox.

Tech info - ISO 200; Aperture F/14; Shutter 1/50sec

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