Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Joy Bells Ringing...

"It doesn't matter whether or not a wedding has 5 or 500 guests. It may be held at the Queen's palace or under the coconut tree. Ceremonial act upon act may piece the day together or it may be devoid of every tradition in the book. Regardless of what type of wedding you have, it goes without saying that a wedding photographer is an absolute necessity.
"Pictures retell the story of the day over and over again for many years to come. The spontaneous reactions of pure joy, intimately absorbed glances, the frenzied excitement, and blissful calm - the camera should capture the most potent moments of the day. Not only should the photos represent the actions of the ceremony and reception, but they should also evoke the myriad moods and emotions expressed throughout the event. That is why it is so important to find a photographer with a skilled eye; one who knows how to capture those most memorable moments that will be shared and cherished for years to come." - Adapted & edited, WPA

With that said, I believe that capturing weddings can be one of the most nerve-wrecking experiences, as well as one of the most joyous, as a photographer. First, the couple put their trust in you to capture one of the best moments of their lives. No one usually intends to repeat that moment, so its important to get it all right the first time, and you certainly can't just say "Cut! Lets do this again!" On the other hand to capture the mood, a laughter, the setting, the emotions... these can be so fulfilling when you sit alone and review a job well done, and see how pleased the couple are at what you have presented.
Each wedding I do creates a spring board for the next. I review what I did and see what I could have done differently. And even though each experience presents its own characteristics, you are more aware and mentally prepared for the next. In time it becomes second nature. The images here are from just a few of the weddings I have done so far this year, that I have really enjoyed. Trudy & Asif, Keisha & Chad, Denise & Harold and Teka & Gyasi.

Tech Info:
Trudy: aperture f/4.5, shutter 1/20, ISO400, fl @ 28mm
Keisha & Chad: aperture f/11, shutter 1/80, ISO800, fl @ 32mm
Denise & Harold: aperture f/5, shutter 1/60, ISO800, fl @ 50mm
Teka-Ann: aperture f/5.6, shutter 1/50, ISO400, fl @ 42mm
All shot with a Nikon D200 and edited in Aperture & Photoshop CS3

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Teka-Ann S said...

As I often tell you "You have the raw talented from God." Your photography skills are not mere 'so he went to school' or 'so someone who was great taught him.' You photography skills are artful.You are an artist. You have THE eye, THE angle, THE spirit. Your work places me in awe-dom every time I see it, watch it, or explore it. You are LIKE THAT.

Continue to use this gift to capture those moments that, as you said, cannot be recaptured by saying 'Cut! Lets do it again.' You have done that for me, for Gyasi, and for others I know. And you are so gifted that even your work of those I dont know causes me to feel like I do know those being captured and I do share with them the intimacy, each moment of the best day of thier lives.

Your capturing of those special moment is so much more than a job to you. How is it that you so artfully capture moments of an intimate event such as the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony with two persons you barely know as if you are capturing your own intimate moments? There's nothing generic about your work. Nothing mundane. Nothing that says 'just another wedding photography job.' You enjoy it and you make those who you capture enjoy it too - you share you enjoyment. And even when you feet are very tired you still share such joy and capturing the moments overwhelm physical limitations. You are a STAR Sal. You have been places and you are going places. The world isnt ready for you yet. Seriously. You are about to BLOW UP when you SHOW UP! Im here. Cheering for you. For with a gift such this, heaven is the limit.

Remember: Each moment you capture is an autograph from you. Keep signing them with that Salfrico pride - excellence.

I applaud ur gift, your art, your love.