Friday, October 12, 2007

... And Puppy Dog Tails!

9am, Darliston, Westmoreland. Snails, of the Gastropoda class. They were everywhere. As I walked through the bush, I could hear and feel soft crunches under my feet. On the walls outside the house and the rails you could see long glistening trails of mucus as they journeyed along. There was nothing else to shoot, so hey... here we are!

I am actually fascinated by how they live, reproduce, grow that shell. I sat and watch this particular critter tote around the shell as he moved along the rusty rail. Click here to read more about snails if you are so inclined.

Tech Info: Nikon D200, Nikon 24 - 85mm lens @ 85mm, f/4, Shutter 1/15, ISO250

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Teka-Ann S said...

Writing this tells me that you truly have learned to appreciated the beauty in the smaller things; thats one of life's most peaceful accomplishments. Your life can never more be the same. Lovely shot. Lovely idea. Peaceful experience.