Monday, October 15, 2007

My Muse...

For centuries depictions of the human figure were prized more highly than those of still-life, animals or landscape, and from the Renaissance onward anatomy became a staple of the artist's training. A very dear friend of mine had a desire to have a photo session of this nature, so I made use of the opportunity. This was my first attempt at FigureScapes. The session went well. We later made a Coffee Table Book with the images.

All images were shot with the Nikon D200, ISO800 using an 18 - 200mm Tamron lens.

"Torso" was shot at 2 seconds using f/5.6;

"Folded", 5secs @ f/8;

Both edited in Photoshop CS3, and grains added.

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Teka-Ann S said...

I have no words but - ART!

Love them and brilliant idea of having them in black and white.